Friday, September 01, 2006

just more pics

the computer was acting up and these pictures didnt get in my last blog. so here you all go.


hello everyone. just wanted to post to say two things one... look how big my daughter has gotten 5lbs 5 oz at birth and now six months later she is 20lbs. yes she is the size the she should be at a year old. but she is still the cutest. thing number two is HAPPY 27th ANNIVERSARY to my parents. that is a long time to put up with eachother. just kidding congradulations to the best two parents in the world. thanks for being there for me through my deployment and the support after the birth of you grand-daughter. we love you both very much. everyone hope over to my moms blog-site and say happy anniversary.
well other than that there is nothing interesting doing on in my life. just taking care of mabel and tony right now, boy i really need a job. anyways everybody have a great day. just wanted to show you all my beautiful daughter and say happy 27th to my parents.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


wow what fun... just got back from a wedding today... it was so pretty. Mabel did a good job. she was actually asleep for most of it but i figured she would since it was an outside wedding..... and boy was it really warm.
also the boyfriend is at fort bragg been there since the 7th and will not be back till the 23rd. so i am missing him a lot and so is mabel. i cant wait till he comes home. his parents are also gone they went camping so i am also taking care of thier cats...buddy and lightening.... such cute fat cats.... mabel finally has a crib and her own room... which is not working out to great she is having trouble sleeping in a room by her self so she i waking up almost every hour during the more reason why i cant wait for the boyfriend to get back.
my mom has been doing really nice things for me since he has been gone like watching mabel while i went to drill and watching her while i cleaned the house and took a break from her. i love her to death but i too need a break once in a while. that is about all of the news from here... except for i really need a job......

happy father's day to every dad out there... especially to my dad... i love you dad and thanks for all the help, support, and encouragement while home and overseas... hope you have a good fathers day... i will be there sometime tomorrow. lots of love.

everyone else have a nice weekend

ps here are some new pics of mabel

she is just the cutest baby... four months old on the fifth of july and 15 lbs..... big differance from the 5 lbs she was when she was born... ok got to go

Friday, May 19, 2006


ok hello eventhough i know no one reads my bloggs anymore just doing a short update. i moved out of my parents house and in with the boyfriend so much fun. so it is different living with him and our daughter. oh yeah surprise i have a kid her name is mabel rose francis here are some pictures

current picture of mabel taken yeasterday.

mabel and her cousin hunter marie they are only two weeks apart.
mabel and hunter at about a month old.
mabel when she was first born. look how small compared to her daddies hands.
my baby girl look how cute she is.

so that is my little girl mable born on the 5th of march. she is such a good little girl. cant wait for her to sleep through the night now. well got to go and take care of my daughter, i dont think that i will ever get used to saying "my daughter". hope you all have a good day.

Friday, February 17, 2006


Yesterday at 7:37 am my older sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl weighing in at 6lbs 9 oz and she was 19 inches long. just to let everyone know that if you saw my sisters site she was wrong on the weight of hunter.
We did have a scare when they kept hunter in the scn (special care nursery) for 9 hours before anyone could see her.
I got the joy of being in the room with Amber durning the c-section. Got to see everything which was cool including the baby getting pulled out. it was awesome. They let me go see hunter while see was still in the o.r. with us and they also let me see all the cool insides of my older sister. not really let me while i was walking around the operating table to go see huntre i took a peek over one of the nurses shoulders. Anyways Hunter looked great when i saw her and she had a good set of lungs on her but the didnt like the was she was tensing up when she breathed and the was her nose flarred either.
but things are fine and Hunter was brought back into the room with amber before i left the hospital at 5 pm.
so this is the news for the day. and hope fully once i find my usb cord for my camera i will download pics of the before and after baby.

other than this everyone have a great day i have to go to work in this cold ohio weather.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


well just wanted to say happy belated v-day or as some prefer manufactured day.
Finally got to spend the first valentines day with my boyfriend since i didnt get to spend it with him last year. it was nice. He came over with a box that had two hugging teddy bears, a well thought of build-a-bear with a jeff gordon outfit on and a really sweet card. After that i made dinner for us and my mom...since my dad is out of town. so that was how the best part of my night went.
after dinner we watched a movie and than the phone rand. it was the girl i work with asking me to come in and sit with her while she closed because she was freaked out. OK to explain i work the day shift and when i opened a man came in asking me cash a lottery ticket and the one he had i cant cash. then for the rest of the day till about 2 he kept looking in the doors and walking around the building he was also trying to open the back doors of the other stores in front of where i work. so i call the boss and than call the police. well just to let everyone know if you can walk, talk, breath... perfectly fine... than dont hit the panic button the cops dont seem to like that to well. but anyways i told the girl who works the night shift what happened just to let her know that the cops would be checking the area all night long. so me and by boyfriend went there while she closed until 10:10 pm.
well than i had to get gas in my car when i left. we looked at local gas prices and then got on the interstate and drove to the next big city to get as cheaper NOT. Gas between 4pm and 10pm had went from 1.94 to 2.26. so we ended up going back to were we came from to get gas. it was 11 before i got home. so what i fun night.
Also tommorrow will be a big day. i will be spending tonight at my older sisters house do to the fact the we both have a 4 am wake up call. As many people know my sister is having the baby tommorrow morning and i am the one person that she asked to be in the room with her while she has it. so this is my job for tommorrow. well not really i am going to bug the crap out of her while they are cutting her open so when she goes to have the next one she will not want me in the room with her. so this is my happening this week.
got to go get ready ready for work hope you all have nice day. i will post pics of the baby when i get the chance.


Thursday, February 02, 2006

quick run down

ok so not to much has been going on here. Went to my sisters baby shower last weekend and had fun playing with my niece. april road with me to the shower so that finally gave us a chance to talk since i havent seen or heard from her in almost two weeks.
than the other night my boss calls me and asks me if i want to go from the night shift to the morning shift so of course i said yes. so now i work from 11 am till 5 or 5:30 depending on when the next shift gets there. hopefully they hire someone to work pretty soon because i really dont want to work all day monday because no one wants to come in and work at the buisness that they own. so pray for that.
i finally got that fish thing taken care off....4 weeks ago i went into my room to feed my fish and found out that they had ick so i put ick treatment in and lost one fish (catfish), then the next week i took all the fish out of the tank cleaned it with really hot water put new water in and then added the fish...lost 3 (pink glowfish and 2 tetras). its been almost 3 weeks with no fish losses anymore. i am so happy because if i lose my kissing fish i will be very upset.and that is about all the is happening. i have to get ready to go to work....
OH SURVIVOR PANAMA EXILE ISLAND starts tonight... so guess what i will be posting on sometimes....I LOVE SURVIVOR watch all of the episodes while i was deployed so that i could keep updated on what was happening on my show.

anyways hope everyone has a good day i know i will tonight when i get off of work.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Ok so things have been really slow since i got home. i have really done nothing. i finally started a job last week working for my cousin. Pays pretty good and i of course like the people that i work for.
If you read my moms blogsit eyou know that both of my sisters were involved in car accendents not to long ago... actually they weren't even 24 hours apart. First comes the pregnant ladies accident, Amber, where the city truck backed into her car on the main road. CAN I JUST SAY DUMBASS. Then me being the loving and caring sister that i am i take april to get here car from the fix it people. So as she i following me home, and as i am watching to make sure that she doesn't get lost following me, i look in my mirror just in time to see a truck hit here in the driver-side door. What luck to see you sister get in an accident. well not really. anyways what do i do. I put my car in reverse on a main road and back about 50 ft till i get to a gas station and pull in the lot. I get out of my car of course cusing and screaming at the top of my lungs. wow i am not the one that got hit and i am the one that is so pissed off. april was so callm and cool about it. as far as i know know everything is working out in both accidents and the other people are paying for the cars to be fixed... or in ambers case.. totally replaced.

so that i pretty much all that has been going on in my busy life.

ohh by the way being the nice daughter that i am... i am taking my mom out for lunch today just the two of us.... no sisters and no dad. so this should be a fun filled day for us both.

hope everyone is having a good week and a good new year. post more later this week if anything interesting happens.